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GALLERY (click series title to view):
* Several of the paintings from these gallery exhibitions and from my private collection are available for sale. If you see a painting you like and it is unavailable, I can create a new piece for you based on the same or similar theme and customize it to your requirements for size, color, materials, etc. Contact me to discuss your interest.

"Heart Attack" - Ward Nasse Gallery, March 2009
From an Aorta to a candy Heart there are many ways to say "I Love You."  Through my series "Heart Attack" I explore the many sides of love, happiness, friendship, relationships, sex, and human emotion. I take the viewer on this powerful journey using a heart of some form in each and every piece. What better symbol then a heart to convey a feeling? I manipulated and stretched the image as far as I could; leading the viewer to have an open interpretation of what each piece meant to them personally. It is the brightest and most positively themed series I have ever done.

"Call Me Crazy" - Ward Nasse Gallery, April 2008
My inspiration for “Call me Crazy” was the idea that if a woman is strong or different she is automatically called “Crazy.”  All fifteen portraits are of women I find interesting , inspiring and powerful.  They all have challenged the status-quo and because of that were deemed “crazy”- and sometimes for the right reasons.  But what I really want to do is shatter the “Crazy” label. I am so sick and tired of that word being thrown around at any girl that is emotional, raw, intense or quirky.  That’s why I included a self portrait in the series, I am not a stranger to this name calling! I really feel like we should celebrate the fact that women can be strange and chaotic- thats what makes them beautiful and courageous.  When looking at my entire series I want the viewer to try to see the women portrayed as something other then just their “craziness”  Each one of us is multi-layered and through this series I try to peal back every petal of personality.

"She's A Lady" - Ward Nasse Gallery, February 2007
When I did my series “She’s a Lady” I was really looking to capture the inside of a woman's’ heart and mind.  I wanted the pieces to be chaotic, pretty and scary, happy and sad- all the emotions we go through on an average day.  I wasn't concerned with perfection- it was more about capturing an emotion in time- a flash of thought. I used vibrant colors with dark imagery to shock and confuse the viewer.

Other Works
Paintings made from January 2004 to the present day not included in any particular series. Some are personal, some were commissions, all are loved!