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Amanda Dolan - Artist Statement:
I am drawn to avant-garde and mixed media art because it is mysterious and multi-layered. I find my inspiration in day to day things. Stuff like Rock ‘n’ Roll, true love, how the sidewalk glitters in the sun; those type of things.

Most of the themes in my paintings  are women related.  I like to put a feminine twist into my work. I am always looking to capture the inside of a woman's’ heart and mind. I really feel like we should celebrate the fact that women can be strange and chaotic- thats what makes them beautiful and courageous.  My pieces are chaotic, pretty and scary, happy and sad- all the emotions we go through on an average day.  I am not concerned with perfection- its more about capturing an emotion in time- a flash of thought. 

I use vibrant colors with dark imagery to shock and confuse the viewer.  What I do through collage, is make each subject relatable to the next; therefore letting the viewer see my pieces in a different light.

To me,  art is here to conjure up our emotions, to unleash our inner demons, to challenge and inspire us.  And if my work lets just one person walk away with a new idea or feeling, then i've done my job.

2009 Press Release:

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